Saffron Luminous Cleanser


Sachi Skin Saffron Luminous Cleanser

What is it? Saffron Luminous Cleanser is a humectant-rich, brightening and refreshing gel cleanser that dissolves impurities and excess oil without disrupting the skin’s natural moisture balance. This nourishing formula resurfaces the skin with glow-boosting, gentle, exfoliating ingredients to target skin texture, congestion and dullness whilst imparting radiance.

Notes from the Curator: Lightweight, oily skin friendly rich in linoleic acid oil hydrates as it decongests impurities and rebalances the skin.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Saffron is an Ayurvedic super-ingredient which comes with an array of medicinal benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, to help calm, brighten and nourish the skin. The cleanser also contains turmeric, safflower oil, boswellia serrata extract, pomegranate extract and lactic acid to gently refine skin texture, brighten, purify and soften the skin, ready for skincare or make-up.

  • Light refreshing gel texture that brightens and boosts radiance
  • Gently exfoliates and purifies targeting polluting particles and any build-up
  • Hydrates and rebalances
  • Clarifies pores, decongests and refines for visibly smooth skin
  • Ideal for dull, oily, blemish prone skins and uneven complexions

Size: 120 ml/ 4.05 oz

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