Saponins Cream Cleanser


Sachi Skin Saponins Cream Cleanser

What is it? Saponins Cream Cleanser is a smooth, rich-enveloping pH balanced cleanser enhanced with soothing Ayurvedic botanicals. It effectively removes make up and impurities while supporting unbalanced, dehydrated, over processed and depleted skins.

Notes from the Curator: This emollient, lipid-enriched formula cleanses while rebalancing the skin’s natural protective shield to restore skin equilibrium.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Derived from the Ayurvedic Soapberry, saponins is a plant surfactant that lathers gently. This star ingredient is supported by modern cleansing technologies, and a luxurious blend of high-quality natural ingredients including Ayurvedic kokum butter (garcinia indica or padadari), butterfly pea (aparajita), quinoa amino acids, prebiotics, panthenol, apricot and oat oil. The Saponins Cream Cleanser works as a gentle and efficacious cleanse, while respecting the skin’s own natural function, and its precious integrity.

  • A decadent velvet cleanser that softens, comforts and hydrates
  • Effectively removes makeup and impurities whilst being gentle on the skin
  • Visibly soothes stressed reactive skins
  • Skin-softening, humectant-rich to support skin’s natural moisture barrier
  • Respects skin’s barrier integrity with prebiotic microbiome support
  • Ideal for Vitamin A, AHA/BHA users, easily reactive, dry and sensitised skins

Size: 120 ml/ 4.05 oz

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