Clean Beauty 2.0

We are often asked what our Beauty Standards are, how we choose the brands in our boxes and in our shops. So here it is:

Boxwalla’s No B.S. Beauty Standard OR Clean Beauty 2.0

We believe in skincare science and nerdy chemistry,
We believe in plant magic and ingredient sorcery.
We believe in equitable sourcing, transparent and fair.
We believe in our planet and preserving what’s there.

We believe in learning from ancient cultural traditions.
We believe in gilding that lily with lab–tested additions.
We believe that skincare routines should be fun and delightful.
We believe that they should work and be impactful.

You can call us Clean (but without misinformation)
You can call us Luxury (but without aspirational pricing
We filter out the BS, our standards are really high
We add nuance (that’s often hard to come by).

If you are looking for really great skincare
We think you are in the right place
Sourced from around the world for you
Let’s get the best on your face?

Our conception of luxury clean beauty is Luxury with Ethics: Sustainable and Ethical luxury for the 21st century
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