About Us

There were many things, people, ideas that inspired Boxwalla. Among them were these lines from Baudelaire:


Be always drunken. That’s all there is to it. It’s the only way. So as not to feel the horrible burden of time that breaks your back and bends you to the earth, be drunken continually. But on what? Wine, poetry or virtue, as you wish. But be drunken.

How it all began

Boxwalla is an idea that spawned from several tiny ideas and thoughts we’d had over the years. It was a framework or container, if you will, that pulled our myriad thoughts and ideas and tied them all up with a giant green ribbon. The idea of slowness, of stopping to smell the roses, of expertise and exquisite craftsmanship, of cutting through the noise to find the best. Everything we encountered, every culture, every country had multilayered stories that were often untold. Stories that we experienced and gathered through books, through movies, through food, through textile, even through a skincare product. And through the artists and artisans that created them. We launched Boxwalla in 2015 in the US as a vessel for these stories, as a platform to discover the artists and artisans that created truly extraordinary work. Work that was becoming increasingly difficult to find if you didn’t know where to look. With Boxwalla, our aim is to say to you, here, look here.

Our Philosophy

At Boxwalla, we are continually searching and researching to find the best in every category, be it Book, Film, or Beauty, searching for that mark of luxury that goes beyond aspirational pricing or marketing trend. Luxury to us is characterized by excellence that reflects the time it takes to make something beautiful and meaningful. This could be a book that is so wonderful that it makes you cry, or a luscious cream that gives you goosebumps with its perfect texture and scent. And as conscious consumers in the 21st Century, our definition of luxury and the best, is not blind to the problems that plague our planet and our people. And so, we have redefined luxury for ourselves and for those who discover with us, to include, in addition to excellence that comes from expertise & a certain slowness, ethics, sustainability, transparency so that we can all make choices that are both pleasurable and conscientious.

Our Small but Mighty Team
The Journey Ahead
We are very excited to bring Boxwalla to India and begin our journey where all our own personal stories began to take shape. We hope to create a discovery platform as well as a cultural hub where interesting, nuanced conversations can gather and grow, where the peak of human creativity can be shared.
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