Lip Mask


What is it? Henne Lip Mask is a lip treatment that your lips will savor, as it is both luxurious and indispensable. Drift into a self-care reverie as your lips are softly enveloped in our rejuvenating Lip Mask. Allow nourishing ingredients like sea buckthorn and evening primrose to help restore and soothe your lips, while a fresh yet light sweet citrus scent enlivens your senses. A lip treatment that is both luxurious and indispensable.

Notes from the Curator: The lush, creamy formula of this lip mask glides effortlessly onto the lips, making it a relaxing & convenient lip care ritual.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Nourishing ingredients like Sea Buckthorn and Evening Primrose help restore, rejuvinate & soothe your lips, while a fresh yet light sweet Citrus scent enlivens your senses.

Size: 0.5 oz / 14 g


Henne Lip Mask FAQ

How often should I use the Lip Mask?

We recommend using the Lip Mask 4-5 times per week, ideally in the evenings.

I feel a slightly tingling sensation when I use the mask. What is that?

This comes from the peppermint essential oil in the Lip Mask, which helps boost blood circulation in the lips.

How do I know if I’m putting enough of the Lip Mask on my lips?

You should apply a thick enough layer so that your lips are completely covered and have a slight orange color to them while the mask is on.

Can I use this as an overnight mask?

You can definitely leave the lip mask on overnight. However if you roll around a lot in your sleep, you might get some of it on your pillowcase, which could stain a bit, but this should typically come out in the wash.


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