Rama & Rose Tulsi Radiance Elixir


What is it? Live Botanical Rama & Rose Tulsi Radiance Elixir is a serum in a mist form to brighten, calm redness, and soften skin texture.

Notes from the Curator: Contains no essential oils, the scent is from the distilled plant water only and is subtle. We find the aroma delicate and akin to spiced pears.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Locally distilled fresh roses and tulsi create an aromatic experience to soothe the skin and uplift the heart. A mindful mushroom extraction using whole fruiting bodies plus supportive plant infusions that incorporate a range of powerful phytonutrients for a radiant complexion. Rich in niacinamide to brighten, lessen the appearance of pores, smooth texture, and revitalize dull skin. Rounded out by complex antioxidants to limit UV damage, pollutants, and other environmental stressors.

Size: 100ml

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