Coconut & Bergamot Moisturizing Bath


Live Botanical Coconut & Bergamot Moisturizing Bath

What is it? Coconut & Bergamot Moisturizing Bath is a decadent bath soak inspired by tropical lands with warm sandy beaches. Romantic and alluring drawing from water and fire elements.

Notes From the Curator: The calming aroma relaxes the mind while the coconut blend restores critical moisture for super soft and supple skin.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Rich in organic, fair trade coconut milk creating a luxurious bathing experience. Imparting skin-loving vitamins and skin restorative proteins to soften the skin and encourage elasticity.

Mineral-rich pacific and pink Himalayan salt help to soothe sore muscles and deepen overall relaxation.

The scent is a blend of warm vanilla-like resin, uplifting fruit-filled bergamot (bergaptene free) and lime with a touch of calming lavender. Together, a delicious treat for your senses that encourage joy and deep relaxation.

Size: Stored in a 9oz recyclable glass jar.

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