Sanctuary Barrier Balm


What is it? Sanctuary Barrier Balm is an essential oil free balm in a rich yet breathable formula.  A moisture-locking blend filled with nutrient-dense raw butters and oils plus plant-based waxes, sterols, and phospholipids.  Working in harmony to provide sanctuary for dry, sensitive conditions.

Notes from the Curator: Made with nutrient-dense Amazonian butters, ceramide-rich plant-based waxes, sterol and phospholipds, this sinks in to provide a dewy finish.

Let’s get Nerdy:

Amazonian butters of murumuru, tucuma, ucuuba and bacuri are abundant in naturally occurring inflammation modulation compounds that soothe irritated skin.  Helping to maintain elasticity, a key component to healthy skin.  Nutrients from the butters feed the skin to better protect against hypersensitivity while the emollients soften rough, dry patches.  If the skin is damaged, the properties help wounds such as sun or wind-burn.

Buriti, graviola/soursop, and carrot seed oils (not essential oils) provide a complex array of antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols to protect against cellular degradation from UV and other environmental stressors.

The ceramide-rich rice bran wax and protective pomegranate sterols create the seal providing the final occlusive element – preventing water loss and supporting the other ingredients to improve all-over moisture.

What sets this balm apart from others is the inclusion of unrefined oil-based phospholipids.  On a cellular level, the molecules attract and hold onto water while also organizing themselves into a structure similar to natural skin.  So when layered on damp skin, it creates an effective skin-identical layer.

It also helps improve the absorption of active ingredients and the delivery of sustained moisture throughout the day. Acting as a mild emulsifier to better incorporate water-based hydrating serums without causing harm to the lipid barrier.

This balm contains no added essential oils and the scent is natural and earthy. Please be aware butters have a low melting point and can melt in transit. This does not impact the product’s efficacy in any way.

Size: 30ml

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