Moonlight Nectar Oil


Nini Organics Moonlight Nectar Oil

What is it? Moonlight Nectar helps mop up free radical damage, support your skins hydration levels and help keep your skin looking fresh and dewy. This also oxygenates skin cells and provides hydration, essential vitamins & minerals for that healthy glow.

Notes from the Curator: Perfect for dehydrated/ mature skin as a nighttime treatment oil. Fall deeply in love with the seductive scent of the Plum Kernel oil and Jasmine oil for a deeply calming, sweet and tranquil nightly ritual.

Let’s Get Nerdy Moonlight Nectar is made up of a decadent blend of antioxidant-rich super fruit extracts & Nourishing Oleic rich oils to help promote healthy cellular turnover whilst deeply hydrating and protecting your delicate skin.

Size: 30ml

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