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Bian Stone Gua Sha


What is it? YINA’s best-in-class BIAN Stone Gua Sha stone is inspired by the ancient practice of Chinese Medicine to activate circulation and invigorate energy.

Notes from the Curator: Purifies and draws out negative energy, invigorates and stimulates elemental energy and enhances mental focus.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Bian Stone Gua Sha ritual helps with stagnation, encourage lymphatic drainage, and smooth tense fascia. Gua Sha may be practiced daily as a supportive therapy to balance your Qi and energy. When practiced regularly, Bian Stone Gua Sha helps to depuff, tone, smooth fascia, and improve circulation on the skin while releasing tension and promoting relaxation.

We chose Bian stone for our Gua Sha tool because of its powerful healing properties. This cosmic stone was formed 65 million years when a meteorite landed in Shandong, China. Stone-age excavation found tools made with Bian stone for surgery and healing. ⁠

Our Gua Sha is made with Bian Shi (砭石), a micro-crystalline stone that contains more than 30+ minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. ⁠ Mineralogy studies show that Bian stone creates far-infrared waves, ultrasound pulses, and negative ions that help boost and regenerate healthy human cells and DNA.⁠ ⁠

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