Complexion Clarifying Accelerator


Sachi Skin Complexion Clarifying Accelerator

What is it??Complexion Clarifying Accelerator is a ?gel-cream that does it all, and then some: it works effortlessly alongside potent brighteners, soothers, hydrators and (pore) clarifying agents to help retexturize the skin surface, lift discolouration, fade stubborn hyperpigmentation, refine pores, combat breakouts and help smoothen the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Notes from the Curator:?It has a light gel-cream texture that settles into the skin beautifully, with a very hydrating finish.

Let’s Get Nerdy:?The Accelerator? is a next-generation multitasker: 12.5% Enzyme Acid blend of Dioic, Mandelic, Salicylic and Pomegranate Enzymes.? Great efforts have been made to balance exfoliants, potent brighteners (actives clinically proven to target melasma) and blemish-clarifying agents with essential nutrients that calm the skin, supporting the delicate skin barrier. This reduces the risk of irritation and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation associated with other alpha hydroxy (AHA) acid formulations.

Size:?30 ml/ 1 oz

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