Yuzu Vitamin C Serum


Lepaar Yuzu Vitamin C Serum

What is it? An antioxidant powerhouse serum, composed with sun-infused extracts of wildcrafted Yuzus grown on our Kangaroo Valley property and organic fruit left over from our friend’s harvest this year.

Notes from the Curator: Energetically, Yuzu lifts anxiety, releases tension and instills a sense of calm, clarity and warming refreshment.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Women and men of all ages. Dry + UV damaged skin. Yuzu softens even the driest of skin, activates collagen production, restores elasticity and stimulates cell turnover. According to Ayurvedic medicine, Yuzu soothes the ‘vata doshas’ characterised by space, wind and air, which is why it has been traditionally used for dry skin conditions.

Size: 15ml

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