Yen Heal and Hydrate


Siam Seas Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner-Serum

What is it? Yen Heal and Hydrate is a healing botanical water that is designed to be a toner-serum hybrid. Beyond instant hydration, this highly addictive toner-serum hybrid supports skin with healing damaged cells, balancing skin pH and strengthens the skin barrier to enhance your skin’s natural protective mechanism. Yen has balanced moisturizing fatty acids that create a thin, invisible, protective film over the skin to plump and safeguard against moisture loss and environmental debris.

Notes from the Curator: Like most of Supadra’s products, Yen is a unique product that bends proddduct ;genres’ to speak.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Yen is a combination of Aloe and 27 botanical extracts are entwined in the synergistic foundation to infuse skin cells with healing actives and powerful antioxidants. Amino acid-filled protein and polysaccharides work to retain your skin’s moisture, encouraging skin elasticity while providing a transparent layer of protection allowing cells to repair and renew. It is formulated with a delivery system that effectively prepares the skin for maximum nutrient absorption during the moisturizing step!

Scent Experience: An elated, majestic, flowing essence with beautiful intersects of a refreshing cucumber garden, spicy ginger and faint floral notes

Size: 50ml

Terminalia Chebula Benefits (Also known as Haritaki)

Terminalia Chebula is one of the most prized fruits due to its high levels of vitamin C.

Dense antioxidant to minimize fine lines, firms and brightens skin texture and overall preserve skin’s youth due to its high Vitamin C content (stronger than Vitamin C when in synergy with other plants in our formula). anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

In an 8- week study, the Terminalia Chebula extract proved its ability to reverse the visible signs of environmental pollution-induced skin damage. This powerful antioxidant can reduce inflammation and may strengthen full-thickness skin architecture for the treatment of skin aging, chronic wounds, evening skin tone, smoothing roughness and giving the look of firmer and brighter skin.

It has been long used beauty secret in Southeast Asia where the fruit is collected, light dried and ground into powder. The women use it to wash/exfoliate/mask their skin to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and improve skin clarity.

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