Velvet Sole Lip Face Balm


What is it? A deeply hydrating moisture lock balm.

Notes from the Curator: Moisturises and protects the lips on a cellular level, as the 84 vital trace elements in Pink Himalayan Crystal salt are absorbed via the lips. Sculpts eyebrows, protects the skin around eyes, and assists in fading scars, blemishes and age spots.

Let’s get Nerdy: Composed with exfoliating and rejuvenating Papaya Seed oil, restoring and wound-healing Calendula extract, moisture loss [preventing beeswax and trace element providing Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt. Energetically, Resin extracts + homeopathic (minute) doses of essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh, plus 24 Karat Gold balance the body-soul-spirit alignment.

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