Super Naked Plum Chia Face Oil


What is it? Maya Chia Super Naked Plum Chia Face oil moisturizes your skin and makes it look radiant and glowing. The ultra-lightweight, fast-absorbing Organic Chia oil is paired with Organic Virgin Plum oil from a Cosmos-approved Orchard in France to create a powerful duo that is nothing short of a nutrient-dense powerhouse for the skin.

Notes from the Curator: Free of essential oils, Super Naked is well suited for sensitive skin or those sensitive to fragrance. The plum oil imparts a lovely naturally occurring scent – subtle and sweet, never overpowering.

Let’s Get Nerdy: The ultra skin-nourishing Omega-3 Fatty Acids of Chia are the ultimate complement to the skin-loving Omega Fatty Acids 6 and 9 from Plum Oil. As an added benefit, the oil is also infused with Astaxanthin, a Super Antioxidant (65x stronger than vitamin C in combating free radicals). Ecocert/Cosmos- Approved Squalane (from a plant sugar) is used as a part of the formulation, which has been clinically proven to increase cellular turnover by 34% and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 51% during 28 days.

Size: 30 ml/ 1 oz

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