Soft Rose Mineral Water


What is it? Lepaar Soft Rose Mineral Water is an exquisitely fragrant water is left over from distilling Rose, Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils, a wonderful morning toner to wake up your skin and senses. Rose is a beautiful balancer for break out prone and tired mature skin and fills our heart with joy and radiant love.

Notes from the Curator: Fantastic to moisten the skin before masking or use throughout the day to refresh the skin!

Let’s Get Nerdy: Charged with Himalayan crystal salt and Ancient Zechstein Magnesium to harmonise skin function and replenish hydration on a cellular level.

Size: 50ml

Store in the fridge.

Fragrance Profile: Pure rose garden, not just the fully bloomed, morning dew heavy blossom, but the whole queenly thing – leaves, roots and flower. Noted of resinous woody Myrrh and Frankincense ever so lightly ground the ethereal sweetness of the rose.

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