Sai Clear Skin Serum


What is it? Siam Seas Sai Clear Skin Serum is an antioxidant serum that synergisstically combines a stable ester of Vitamin C with both science-proven actives as well Southeast Asian botanicals.

Notes from the Curator: Sai means ‘clear’ in Thai. A very unusual potent serum that creates a second skin-like protective layer that firms the skin and imparts a healthy glow, while clearing the skin. Lovely for all skin types and especially those with combination or acne prone skin. It smells like what we might imagine an ancient magic potion to smell like and was featured in our Beauty Box.

Let’s Get Nerdy: This serum contains Dua Shi Gao or Gypsum is used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is great for tissue regeneration and wound healing. The gypsum contributes to the slight graininess of the formula. Supadra, the creator, uses Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (SAP) as her choice of vitamin C ester due to its acne preventing and treating properties.

Size: 30ml

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