Rooted Balancing Balm


What Is It? Live Botanical Rooted Balancing Balm is designed for dry, combination skin that oscillates between breakouts and dryness. It helps in managing moisture needs for dry skin while limiting congestion.

Notes from the Curator: An aromatic blend to guide your skin and spirit back to center. Clarifying botanicals creates a pathway for your complexion to adapt to stress.

Let’s Get Nerdy: A potent extraction of nutrient-rich roots including adaptogenic astragalus, harmonizing licorice, antimicrobial echinacea, and soothing marshmallow plus Co2 extracted clarifying gromwell root help bring the skin back to center. A juxtaposition of ultra-lightweight oils with a touch of creamy mango butter and raw beeswax to absorb quickly, carrying protective antioxidants and an array of phytosterols to moisturize the skin. To provide a calming meditative experience you’ll find aromatics of blue tansy, lavender, and frankincense.

Size: 30 ml / 1.01 fl oz

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