Renewing Concentrate


What is it? Highly concentrated botanicals including a full spectrum of rose using a whole flower infusion from the Live Botanical garden, sustainably wild-harvested rose-hip seed oil, and organic steam-distilled rose otto. All to rejuvenate dull skin, diminish scarring and enhance moisture function.

Notes from the Curator: The rich color shows the abundance of antioxidants, providing an immediate glow and limiting damage from UV, stress, and environmental factors.

Let’s Get Nerdy:

A slow infusion of garden-grown rose, chamomile, and lavender flowers in organic, unrefined, cold-pressed raspberry and jojoba oils to create a decadent and nutritive base. The dual solvent and infusion process used provides optimal extraction of herbal compounds. Delivering powerful whole-plant nutrients to nourish and protect the skin.

The golden color from unrefined and supercritical extracted oils of rose-hip and seaberry fruit indicates the abundance of carotenoids, an important phytonutrient that provides an immediate glow and limits damage from UV, stress, and environmental factors. Coupled with CoQ10, the antioxidant effects are concentrated for effectiveness.

A major component of skin renewal is the ability to create collagen so a standardized extract of lupine was added to support this critical function. The Lupeol used in the formulation has been shown with in-vitro and clinical studies to firm and improve overall facial contour and firmness.

Ceramides, pomegranate sterols (cholesterol), oat Co2 extract, essential & non-essential fatty acids mirror our natural skin to help improve the lipid barrier matrix for enhanced protection from water loss and in turn encourage long term vitality.

Date extract has shown great promise in clinical studies to improve skin elasticity, increase brightness, greater hydration, and a decrease in redness and hyperpigmentation.

Raw, organic beeswax and cupuaçu butter can improve elasticity and help hold moisture close to the skin. Creating a rich, yet breathable barrier preventing evaporation and enabling continued absorption of beneficial plant compounds.

Size: 30ml

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