Natura Detox Foam


What is it? Natura Detox Foam is a unique water-free gentle foaming cleanser supercharged with detoxifying dried vegetables and super antioxidants. Ideal as your 2 or 3 times a week cleanser and is perfect for acne prone / combination & normal skin types.

Notes from the Curator: Detox Foam is filled with gorgeous ingredients like deeply cleansing green clay, broccoli powder rich in vitamin C and A, baobab powder that helps promote skin’s collagen production, antioxidant rich goji berry & brightening camu camu. A finely milled powder to foam cleanser that with just a few drops of water transforms into a deliciously creamy foamy mousse that deeply cleanses but doesn’t strip the skin at all.

Let’s get Nerdy: Natura Detox Foam is made from an incredible foaming agent derivedfrom Coconuts. It has Broccoli powder which is rich in vitamin C & A that helps to mop up all the daily pollutants and free radical damage, and Organic Baobab powder which helps promote skin’s collagen formation, boosting skin’s natural elasticity and smoothness.
White Willow Bark contains salicylic acid which gently exfoliates your skin helping to fight acne / hormonal breakouts leaving your skin feeling fresh and looking radiant. The addition of Neem extract to this delicious cleanser, adds to its soothing, healing properties.

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