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Midnight Beauty


What Is It? Midnight Beauty – Rich Revitalising Serum helps regulate the skin’s natural oil production for a more even skin tone and noticeably better-looking skin.

Notes From the Curator: With a powerful combination of nature’s most effective plant oils, Midnight Beauty Rich Revitalizing Serum penetrates deeply overnight to nourish your skin. This improves elasticity and softens your skin, repairs skin barrier, and creates a radiant and healthy glow.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Rose and Coriander with 10 Harmonizing Oils

This product’s anti-aging properties work with your body’s natural rhythms to brighten and improve fine lines and wrinkles and replenish skin’s moisture balance. This glorious cocktail contains 10 super-charged oils that prove that less is sometimes definitely more.

A few drops a day is all you need for beautiful and nourished skin.

Size: 30ml

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