MEKHA Exfoliating Cleanser


What is it? Mekha is an anti-inflammatory cleanser with healing butters, pure plant oils and raw honey infused propolis and pollen that resets your skin by fusing with excessive sebum, drawing deep-seated impurities while the queen bee’s royal jelly provides deep enzymatic cleansing to protect your skin against bacteria.

Notes from the Curator: The invigorating blend of organic essential oils will awaken your senses, soothe you, and lift away your day

Let’s Get Nerdy: Mekha is a blend of extraordinary Southeast Asian botanicals that work synergistically to alleviate inflammation, dissolves dead skin layers, and stimulate blood flow in preparation for maximum nutrient absorption after cleansing, revealing your brightest skin. Mekha is also a powerful resurfacing mask when left on for 15-60 minutes after application.

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