Halo Beauty Balm


What is it??Nini Organics Halo Beauty Balm is a restorative solid pressed serum with Blue Tansy and Vanilla that helps create a soothing and calming space for both your skin and your mind. This incredibly nourishing balm instantly melts on contact. Infinity Beauty Balm is a beautiful skin duvet ready to cocoon and protect your skin.

Notes from the Curator: This balm will restore the moisture levels of your skin and leave it feeling plump and soft.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Organic Passion Fruit Seed Oil and Squalane create a balancing lipid? for your skin whilst antioxidant rich Cacao Butter helps to protect? from moisture loss. Azulene rich Blue Tansy? helps to calm your skin and soothe your mind. Halo?Restorative Balm is for all skin moods/concerns especially those with stressed out dry skin.

NOTE – Halo Beauty Balm has a very strong chocolate aroma with sweet rich undertones. If you do not like the smell of rich chocolate we suggest you go for Infinity beauty balm which is more herby sweet.

Size:?50 ml/ 1.69 oz

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