Green Caviar Retinoid & Ceramide Skin Renewal Elixir


What is it? A multi-faceted Green Caviar Pro-Aging Retinoid & Ceramide nighttime oil with fast-acting active ingredients in a base of cold-pressed organic oils to peel away dull skin and reveal healthy, supple, younger-looking glow in the morning.

Notes from the Curator: Formulated with a slow-release next-generation encapsulation delivery system of retinoic acid ester to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while nourishing the skin.

Let’s Get Nerdy: This high performance, yet gentle night oil counteracts signs of premature aging and supports the regenerative skin process with minimum irritation and promotes healthy, youthful glow while you sleep. Designed to be suitable for all seasons and skin types, its versatility stems from its ability to deliver skincare’s most efficient pro-aging ingredients along with actives that fortify the integrity of the protective, moisture-retaining skin barrier.

It contains two vitamin A derivatives, Hydroxypinocolone Retinoate and Retinaldehyde. In fact, these two gentler “cousins” of the industry’s go-to, retinol, are less irritating to the skin while being more efficient in their delivery. The reason why comes down to the number of chemical conversions it takes retinoids to become retinoic acid, the form of the active that is responsible for boosting collagen production, minimizing breakouts, evening pigmentation, refining skin texture, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. While retinol must undergo two conversions upon application to the skin to reach this form, Hydroxypinocolone retinoate does not need to be converted at all, and retinaldehyde — an ingredient that some experts estimate is up to twenty times as effective as retinol — need only be converted once.

The formula is enhanced by the incorporation of two additional ingredients, Sytenol® (bakuchiol) and rambutan extract. While they are often known for being retinol-alternatives, they also combine beautifully with the function of retinoids in promoting the synthesis of collagen and elastin fiber networks to prevent wrinkles and sagging. They are also a bountiful source of antioxidants, helping to buffer the skin cell from free radical damage and the effects of oxidative stress. THD Ascorbate, an oil-soluble form of vitamin C, synergistically enhances the function of the retinoids contained, also protecting the skin’s collagen, fending off free radical damage, and brightening the skin considerably.

The final leg of the formula tends to the skin’s barrier, responsible for both protection and moisture-retention. It does so via ceramide NP, a literal building block of the skin barrier, and Green Caviar extract, an amino acid-, mineral, and vitamin-rich hydrator. These buffer the skin from potential sensitivity while ensuring that all skin types can benefit from this powerful elixir of youth.

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