Great Barrier Relief Cream


What is it? Great Barrier Relief Cream is a Skin Barrier Restoring Hand Cream which is easily absorbed non-greasy formula to keep hands healthy and moisturized in any season!

Notes from the Curator: Pedro designed this hand cream using new technique of enzymatic lipid activation! The result is a rich yet easily absorbed emulsion, containing niacinamide, formulated to preserve the delicate skin of the hands, keeping it healthier for longer.

Let’s get Nerdy: Enzymatic activation technology and highly nourishing plant oils take centre stage with our coveted hand cream formula. This innovative, skin-safe method creates new phyto-complexes which improve suppleness, texture and calm irritation. Enriched with Niacinamide to reduce hyper-pigmentation and restore optimal moisture levels, this hand elixir is particularly effective for dry, dehydrated, chapped and sensitive skin.

Size: 75ml

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