Golden Age Honey Mask


What is it? Golden Age Honey Mask is a luxurious face mask with enzymatic exfoliating action, composed of nutrient dense wild Blue Mountains honey and sun-infused botanical whole plant extracts. Rejuvenates and illuminates tired faces, reduces lines, minimises pores, smooths cracks + lines, combats acne, evens complexion and reverses UV-damage.

Notes from the Curator: The mask is made with beautiful raw enzymatic honey, made by the bees kept by Tim Malfroy, Australia’s master of wild, Warre-style bee keeping!

Let’s Get Nerdy: This brightening and exfoliating honey mask helps to reduce lines, minimise pores, smooth cracks, combat acne, even complexion and reverse UV-damage. Reveal pure, hydrated, luminous skin.

Size: 30ml

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