Gold Botanical Oil Serum


What is it? Monastery Made Gold Botanical Oil Serum is an innovative blend of oils that calms even the most irritated complexions with its unique blend of vitamin and nutrient rich oils. Like a multivitamin for your skin, Gold works to repair broken-down skin tissue and calm any type of damage, whether it’s sun exposure, irritation, dryness, redness, or puffy skin. The delicate scent of India’s most precious flowers soothes and delights the senses upon application.

Notes from the Curator: Gold is a multifunctional oil that works to soothe, hydrate, repair and nourish skin. It’s fast-absorbing and works well on its own or with other items in the Monastery collection.

Let’s Get Nerdy: The most nutrient packed moisturizer with healing properties from a rare nut oil. Smooth, plump and calm the skin with our transformational face oil. Sandalwood nut oil (not to be mistaken with sandalwood oil) is a medicinal oil from Australia that contains oleic acid and ximenynic acid. Rare ximenynic acid is one of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatories and a superhero for soothing skin. The serum also contains Plumeria also known as frangipani, makes the skin smooth and supple through its excellent emollient properties, it also detoxifies congested skin and can be used in large quantities to reduce swelling.

Size: 60ml

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