Charred Rose Soap


What is it? A soap bar for sensitive skin types which require gentler approach. Enriched with Pink and Kaolin clays to gently detoxify and tone your skin whilst a hint of activated charcoal with Hibiscus powder draws out impurities and brightens.

Notes from the Curator: Beautifully scented with a proprietary blend of the purest possible essential oils, an affluent bar which turns your shower into a Caribbean spa experience!

Let’s Get Nerdy: Essential oils of Geranium, Palma Rosa, grounded by Caribbean Sandalwood – Amyris, create a highly addictive floral scent, bringing a tropical rose garden to your shower. Handcrafted in their London studio and cured for eight weeks for a harder, longer lasting bar. Soap Alchemists recommend this soap for sensitive or dry skin types. Perfect for use in areas with hard water.

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