Advanced Repair Mask – Neem Honey Herbal Complex


What is it? Malaya Advanced Repair Mask is a blend of wild neem flower honey, detoxifying clays and a proprietary complex of 9 reparative herbs. It is a potent, youth-boosting formula that softens, calms, and clarifies skin to help achieve your most radiant complexion.

Notes from the Curator: This therapeutic mask helps soothe stressed skin and reveal an even, healthy glow. Your skin will feel noticeably smooth, hydrated, and youthful.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Mask is a blend of highly antibacterial and rare Wild Neem Flower Honey, detoxifying clays, and a proprietary complex of 9 reparative herbs that work together to gently draw out impurities and exfoliate. Blue Tansy and Black Currant extract target troubled areas to help restore balance.

Size: 60g

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