Youthful Lift Eye Cream


What is it? The delicate eye area is particularly susceptible to showing signs of aging. Patyka’s Advanced Research has developed a complex of actives which reduce the appearance of under-eye circles and bags, instantly making you look more awake.

Notes from the Curator: With each use, the signs of aging around the eye area are blurred: wrinkles are smoothed out, eyelids are firmed, and circles & bags visibly reduced.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Main actives in the eye cream includes, MICROCAPS complex: Encapsulation technology that ensures optimum penetration and sustained absorption of actives into each layer of the skin. The deepest wrinkles are smoothed out. Beetroot polysaccharides: Boost microcirculation and promote cell renewal to reduce under-eye circles. Beech bud: Increases cell oxygenation, smooths skin tone and moisturizes to make skin radiant once again.

Size: 0.5 oz. / 15 mL

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