Eye Brightening Kit


Fitglow Eye Brightening Kit

Fitglow Beauty Eye Brightening Kit naturally awakens and revives tired-looking eyes with a targeted treatment routine that will combat the most stubborn dark circles, puffiness and under eye dullness. The Eye C Firm and Correct+ Eyebright two-step brightening routine is loaded with a synergistic blend of Active Extracts, Caffeine, Peptides and Pomegranate, for a bright, smooth and lifted look. Enhance the look of bright eyes with Vegan Eyeliner Pencil in Brightening Beige and the trusted Good Lash+ Mascara for fuller, longer and healthier lashes.

Eye C Firm- 15ml
Correct+ Eye Bright- full size
Good Lash+ Mascara- full size
Mini Vegan Eyeliner Pencil in Brightening Beige

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