Calm Cleanser


Fitglow Beauty Calm Cleanser

What is it? Fitglow Beauty Calm Cleanser is a lightweight, plant-based milky cleanser, specially formulated for skin that requires extra calming, nourishment and hydration.

Notes from the Curator: This gentle cleanser can be used to remove makeup. It is best for skin types that are dry, combination, sensitive, depleated, stressed and redness-prone.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Skin loving combination of Bamboo Electrolytes, Glycoproteins and Cucumber protects skin during the cleansing process while delivering beneficial minerals, peptides and protecting from water loss.

Size: 120 ml / 4.05 oz

Gentle Milky Cleanser; Protects Moisture; Reduces Redness; Makeup Remover

Best For
Dry; Combination; Sensitive; Depleated; Stressed; Redness-prone

Powered By
Electrolytes / Glycoproteins / Cucumber

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